Quality and Environmental Policies

Envisioning the global environment of the future, EVERCLEAN aims to establish a recycling-oriented society through waste reduction and recycling.

With compassion, we strive to improve the industry's image as a waste disposal company, and to establish a position of social responsibility.

We aim to provide a stable supply of services and products nationwide as a low-cost supplier.

With the cooperation of every EVERCLEAN employee, we declare that we will conduct our business in accordance with the following policy.

  1. We will not merely recycle, but will focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming, even for final consumption type goods (thermal recycling) and recyclable goods (material recycling). We do this in order to establish a recycling-based society.
  2. We will separate and sort based on the most important methods for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, while informing users and customers about the importance of doing so. We will actively exchange information with manufacturers and thoroughly cooperate in the creation of products that can be disposed of while being separated and sorted, and strive to reduce environmental impact.
  3. We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements that we agree to.
  4. We will prevent and fully protect the environment from pollution even in the event of emergencies such as accidents and disasters.
  5. We will strengthen our maintenance and inspection of machinery and equipment to reduce emissions and noise.
  6. We will conduct out business correctly to reduce environmental pollution.
  7. We will conserve energy and resources in all our areas of activity.
  8. We will fully maintain the strictest of confidentiality while handling customer information.

To ensure the implementation of our quality and environmental policies, we will always recognize the impact of our activities upon the environment, set environmental objectives and targets, and establish improvement plans and operational procedures. We will review these regularly, and continue to make improvements.

Through providing our employees with appropriate training for performing their business activities based on the correct knowledge and procedures, and through bringing awareness to our quality and environmental policies, we will continue to strive toward sustainable development.

Our quality and environmental policies may be published in accordance with requests from external entities and as deemed necessary.

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