Recycled Products

Reclaimed oil

Waste oil such as waste engine oil, which we have collected from customers, is thermally recycled as reclaimed oil through a recycling process at our distillation facilities.

Features of reclaimed oil

  • The calorific value per liter is equivalent to A-type heavy oil.
  • The sulfur content is lower than A-type heavy oil
  • The unit price is low.

Regenerated ethylene glycol

EVERCLEAN has devised a system in which waste LLC is collected primarily from automobile-related companies and refined through distillation facilities to remove water, oil, and other additives. This allows us to produce regenerated ethylene glycol having a purity of at least 99.9%.

A recycling system that is a first for Japan

[Patent number] 4675569
[Title of invention] Purification method of ethylene glycol

Waste LLC is generally treated as waste alkali. It is neutralized and incinerated.However, using a proprietary processing method, we have implemented a recycling system called Material Recycling.

This waste LLC recycling system is highly regarded as an excellent technological development that contributes to the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste.

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